Liquid Packaging Film

Taisei Lamick Liquid Packaging Film meets the high quality and productivity demands of today's liquid packaging processors. The quality and strength of our film allows for significantly higher filling speeds over sustained periods of time. Films used in conjunction with DAGAN III Liquid Packaging Machines result in even faster production times.

Our film has very tight seal strength and a very low defect rate. This makes the film ideal for packaging viscous liquids. The film is puncture resistant and spoilage resistant.

Taisei Lamick Liquid Packaging Film Benefits:
• Less Defects
• Easy and Quick Changeovers
• Higher Sustainable Speeds
• Maximizes Benefits of Dangan III Machines
• Can Improve Performance of Current Machine
• Ship to most users in United States
• High Cost : Performance Ratio

Film XA-Super

XA-S High-Speed Liquid Filling Film

Our signature film for high-speed liquid filling. The XA-S boasts better sealing, increased productivity and reduced loses.

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Film XA-H

XA-H High-Speed Liquid Filling Film for Hot Fill

The XA-H film is ideal for high temperature filling and boil sterilizing. This film is designed to withstand the heat of sterilization temperatures to allow high speed filling.

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Film XA-HD

XA-HD High Volume, High-Speed Liquid Filling Film for Hot Fill

The XA-HD film is designed for the highest quality in large volume packing. Strong film rigidity is important for large volume.

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Custom Film

Custom Films

Taisei Lamick can work with your specifications to create custom film solutions that meet your needs. We welcome new and challenging packaging ideas. Please contact us for details.

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“For seal strength, it is better than any other film run. Can’t worry about speed unless your seals are intact. The main word to describe Taisei’s film is “robust”.

For soy sauce or other viscous liquids and for abusive or acidic liquids, Taisei’s film is the first choice.”

Extremely fast film changeover and setup.
Pouch Examples
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