DANGAN III - 6 Split/3 Split Bar Type

Dangan III 6 split 3 split type

A 500 pack/min max. packing capacity is achieved by mounting six end sealing bars. It is also possible to achieve stable production for short pitch products. As with the Dangan standard specification type, this machine has a production condition memorizing function with a capacity for 500 kinds of production contents and has wear-resistant heat sealing bars, allowing it to exert high reproducibility over long periods.

The detachable sealing bar function can respond to the weight of the contents from approx. 1g to 100g by changing between the 6 split and 3 split types. (*The 3-split control system is optional.)

Basic Specifications

Film Speed 4 - 25 m/min (13.1 - 82 ft/min)
Seal Pitch 6 Bars: 30 - 70 mm (1.2 - 2.75 in.)
3 Bars: 70 - 180 mm (2.75 - 7 in.)*
Film Width 50 - 200 mm (2 - 7.8 in.)
Max. Packing Capacity 6 Bars: 500 packs/min
3 Bars: 400 packs/min*
Power Supply AC220V, 5.3kVA, 3 Phase 50/60 Hz
Air Supply 0.5MPa or higher, 80NL/min
Machine Size 1545 mm(L) x 1000 mm(W) x 2315 mm(H)
5.07 ft (L) x 3.3 ft (W) x 7.6 ft (H)
Machine Weight Approx. 1000 kg (2,200 lbs.)


"Dangan is also easy to change over and only a couple adjustments are required. The fill accuracy is much higher for the Dangan and less scrap material is created in setup because it is not a wide web. Less material is needed for each pouch because Dangan can fill with less head space."

pouch examples

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