DANGAN Astron Mark II

Dangan Astron Mark II

Making use of the cumulative advances in technology and reliability of the Dangan line, the Dangan Astron Mark II is a marvel, where high-efficency meets user-friendliness.

Basic Specifications

Line Speed 4 - 18 m/min (13.1 - 59.1 ft/min)
Seal Pitch 40 - 160 mm (1.5 - 6.3 in.)
Film Width 70 - 200 mm (2.8 - 7.8 in.)
Filling Speed (Max) 360 packs/min
Power Supply 200-230V (+10%~-15%) , 4.8kVA
Air Supply 80NL/min
Machine Size 1390(W) x 920(L) x 2090(H)
4.56 ft (W) x 3.02 ft (L) x 6.89 ft (H)
Machine Weight Approx. 1000 kg (2,200 lbs.)


"Speed is the #1 characteristic about the machine that we like. However, the increase in manufacturing efficiency (increased output and time savings over other machines) which resulted from the speed was the main benefit."

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