DANGAN G2 Double Pack 4-Side Seal TypeDangan G2 Double Pack Type

By mounting two liquid-supply nozzles, this machine achieves a productivity of maximum 800 pack/min. The feature is best suited for large scale production of super-small pouches such as wasabi (Japanese horseradish) or mustard. In addition, packingof different contents is possible such as shampoo on the left side and rinse on the right side. The center slit function can be selected between a perforated function and a cutting function. An I-notch function is mounted on both sides.

Basic Specifications

Line Speed 4 - 30 m/min (13 - 98.4 ft/min)
Seal Pitch 3 Bars:70 - 180 mm (2.8 - 7.0 in.)
6 Bars:30 - 90 mm (1.2 - 3.5 in.)
Film Width 100 - 300 mm (3.9 - 11.8 in.)
Filling Speed (Max) 1000 packs/min(500packs/min x 2)
Power Supply 200 - 230V (+10%~-15%) , 4.8kVA
Air Supply 45L(ANR)/min
Machine Size 1490 mm(W) X 951 mm (L) X 2308 mm (H)
4.9 ft (W) x 3.2 ft (L) x 7.7 ft (H)
Machine Weight Approx. 1500 kg (3,307 lbs.)


“Dangan is faster in a much broader spectrum of fill weights and dimensions. Taisei is flexible, accurate and fast, in that order.”

pouch examples

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