DANGAN III - Standard Type

Dangan III Standard TypeThe versatile Dangan III produces pouches in capacities ranging from 3g to 100g. The Dangan III seals through the product, squeezing the pouch as it forms to remove residual air eliminating head space. The machine also features a highly accurate notch-cut function.

Incorporating a memorizing function with a capacity for about 500 kinds of packing conditions, detailed processing techniques and a heat sealing bar that is resistant to wear, this machine can exercise high repeatability over long periods.

Basic Specifications

Line Speed 4 - 25 m/min (13.1 - 82 ft/min)
Seal Pitch 40 - 160 mm (1.5 - 6.3 in.)
Film Width 70 - 200 mm (2.75 - 7.8 in.)
Max. Packing Capacity 400 pouches/min
Power Supply AC220V , 5.3kVA, 3 Phase 50/60 Hz
Air Supply More than 0.5MPa, 80NL/min
Machine Size 1545 mm (L) x 1000 mm (W) x 2315 mm (H)
5.07 ft (L) x 3.3 ft (W) x 7.6 ft (H)
Machine Weight Approx. 1000 kg (2,200 lbs.)

"The Dangan is much faster at filling packages. The production volume is roughly double that of multi line machines."

Dangan III - High speed auto filling demonstration.
Pouch Examples
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