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DANGAN Liquid Packaging Machines

Our line of DANGAN Liquid Packaging Machines is revolutionizing the industry.
Compatible with traditional as well as uniquely original sauce packet creations, the DANGAN achieves high-speed liquid pouch filling - with very low defect/spoilage rates.

Recognized internationally, DANGAN automatic liquid fill machines provide exceptional productivity, quality, stability and ease of operation, as well as throughput up to four times the speed of conventional machines.

The DANGAN continuously fills pouches without stopping the liquid flow between each seal. This allows for a full pouch with almost no air included. Taisei Lamick pouches can hold more liquid than similar competitor pouches.

Changeover time between sauce packet types (of varying fill dimensions and weights), as well as between liquid types (i.e gravy to fruit sauce), is quick and easy.

Since the introduction of the DANGAN I in 1992, we have continued to upgrade our system. Our latest generation of DANGAN Astron Mark II and G2 are available to meet varying pouch filling requirements.

Dangan Astron Mark II DANGAN Astron Mark II

Utilizing advances in tech and performance from its predecessors, this machine will meet all your needs.

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Dangan G2 Standard DANGAN G2 Standard

With line speeds of 25 m/min and pouch capacity of 400 pouches/min, along with many other features, this machine will exceed your expectations.

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Dangan G2 6 Split/3 Split
DANGAN G2 6 Bar/3 Bar Type

Achieve speeds of 500 packs per minute through the mounting of six end sealng bars.

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Dangan G2 Double Pack DANGAN G2 Double Pack 4-side Seal Type

Increase productivity with twin nozzles. This machine achieves a maximum of 800 packs per minute.

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Dangan G2 Large Capacity
DANGAN G2 Large Capacity Type

This machines supports a wide range of capacities from 5g to 500g with high versatility.

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"Any machine can claim to be high speed if you spend time optimizing the machine for each run. With Taisei’s Dangan machine, you can setup a run quickly and the run will also be quick and accurate. Fast with no accuracy is useless."

Previous Gen Dangan - High speed auto filling demonstration.
Pouch Examples
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