Pouch and Case Loaders for Liquid Packaging Machines

Pouch Loader

Pouch Loader
For increased productivity, our Pouch Loader quickly and precisely loads continuous liquid pouch packaging into boxes. The pouch loader is designed to automatically load strips of pouches into boxes after received from a packaging machine such as the Dangan III. It can handle 3 or 4 side sealed pouches.


Seals: 3 or 4 sided pouches
H: 50 - 90mm (1.96 - 3.54 inches)
L: 30 - 120mm (1.18 - 4.72 inches)
W: 20mm (0.79 inch) Max. 

Machine Dimensions W: 380 - 580mm (14.96 - 22.83 inches)
D: 200 - 350mm (7.87 - 13.78 inches)
H: 100 - 310mm (3.94 - 12.2 inches)
Air Supply 0.5MPa, 80L/min (ANR)
Power 3Ø, AC200V, 50/60 Hz, 2.5KVA
Machine Weight 350kg (772 lbs.)

Case Loader

Case Loader
Our high-speed rotating shutter style alignment Case Loader sauce packets down a conveyor to an insertion unit. They are then dropped, aligned and loaded with no damage to the pouch. The compact CS is exceptionally easy to use, safe and quiet.

Capacity 240 pouches/min (100mm pitch, single encasing)
120 pouches/min (100 mm pitch, double encasing)
Pouch Size

Length: 70mm - 130mm (2.75 - 5.12 inches)
Width: max 450mm (17.7 inches)
Height: max 239mm (9.41 inches)

Case Size Length: 400-500mm (15.75 - 19.68 inches)
Width: max 450mm (17.7 inches)
Height: max 290mm (11.42 inches)
Max Case Weight 15 kg (33 lbs)
Air Supply 0.5MPa, 20L/min
Power 3Ø, AC200V, 50/60 Hz, 1KVA
Machine Weight 100kg (220 lbs)
Color System Mansell N 9.5 (White)


“Dangan is faster in a much broader spectrum of fill weights and dimensions. Taisei is flexible, accurate and fast, in that order.”

pouch examples

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