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Peripheral Devices

Our peripheral devices are designed to further automate and streamline your pouch filling machine. Featuring state-of-the-art technology, these accessories will enhance the performance and efficiency of your liquid packaging process.

Pump System Pump System

Taisei Lamick offers a rotary pump and a mono pump to fit your various applications.

Pouch Loader
Pouch Loader/Case Loader

Our pouch loader is ideal for fast and precise loading of continuous pouches
Auto Bagging Machine Auto Bagging Machine

Taisei Lamick Auto Bagging Machine works with the Dangan III machine to bag the pouches formed and sealed.
Heat Exchanger
Heat Exchanger

Taisei Lamick offers three heat exchangers for various situations and applications.

"Taisei runs smoothly, effortlessly. Others are jerky and loud. Taisei’s Dangan also wears out less and is surprisingly durable."
Pouch Examples

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